Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making out and made off.

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Greetings from the Hill.

Another month and what will pass,
certainly not intelligent laws
or honest regulation.

The halfwhite pompous halfwit
has a goat and a revolution.

Hard times on the Rock for all,
politicians in financial foreclosure,
mentally as well....
"Borrowing and stealing to live
in a five star destination where
room rates never fall....
but house prices sure as shit did,"
laughs the madone
wondering about county income.

A collusion among the Conchs
to protect the native born braindead.

The Mayor's buddy elected as well
finding himself an unwitting recipient
of his spouses largess...
size 54 suits and campaign funding
for schools superintendent.
"Hey, kids....this is how to do 'it',"
that insideous 'it' that diseases the brain
and makes embezzling just reward
for enduring the system.

Princess Dunce steals and charges
a couple hundred grand from the school funds
that no one seemed to miss, after all
the Ace Vedos can't live on 200T salaries.

After all, responsibility has immortality,
'The Avevedo School' or the 'McCoy Airport',
collapsed concrete and stolen dreams.

"Jesus H Fuck, mellow out oldman,
a southern breeze, static from Havana,
talking tits onTV, sleeping cats,
papers blowing on the balcony floor,
love doves on the railings
and roosters on the sidewalk...
ain't paradise great,"
snorts the madone
sipping honey and green tea.

Thirty five years ago the oldman printed
'The Real McCoy' on a hundred dollar bill,
matching green and fine halftone,
for Sonny's reelection,
he wondered about the implications
way back then.

An eight million dollar diving destination.

Two halfwit mayors collude to sink
The Vandenberg for the fivestar
Mario got the bends in Spain
and was never quite right since,
Big Mac never got over
his pot fantasies.

Kings of Duncedom.

"Yeah,yeah, but how about the WaterPark,
another five star playground
to enhance the family destination
with moorings for yachts
and maybe another hotel,
perfectly designed on the navy base,
operated by the Spottswood Family
and financed by a city bond,
grumbles the oldman
seen 'it' all,
heard 'it' all.

All before Pretty Sing
lost to the California bankers.

"Oh yeah, but that was the
Jimmy Weekly Giveaway,
local affordable housing
that became weekly rentals,
the conbook never changes,"
sighed the oldman thirsty
after an alcoholfree day
and puffed fingers,
the classics clear
and traffic oddly
busy for summer.

Had the Recession ended
or was a hurricane coming?

Days past and nothing but that,
an oldfart slowtyping in the breeze,
living a dream in the keys.

Above the Horn
beyond the Straits
inside the Reef
high on the Hill.

Obama is a puppet
of George Soros
and Larrry Fink.

Grow mosquitoes
and water

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