Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blue Skies in Paradise

Greetings from the Hill
72/80 Morning Clouds NE10/15 85%H 0701/1739

A good day today, up with the sun tending the chores,
feeding the cats, watering the gardens, sweeping floors,
a happy rhyme to keep the harmony in time....
returning to normal after a week alone.

Had a weakspell and watched television yesterday,
literally, with sound off captions only, CNN is a farce.
Amazing how performance relegates to the lowest
common denominator, like equating to Bush...
can't get more pathetic than the Wheasle.

The Republicans in Iowa on the Blitzer Hour,
maybe the oldman is getting old, but...
thirty seconds to explain the dilemma we're in,
spin may be in but this is thin.

The black man who seemed to interrupt so much
made the most sense, also from Chicago,
but only emotionally, typical rap and jive,
all subordinating to the King of Bain
who looked fine but made no impression.

Topics, some silly cunt moderating this flimflam
kept reiterating to, but nothing was discussed,
happy news for Christmas, don't confuse the issue
at hand..."Consumers, Spend, Buy, Charge...
in the legacy of George Insane...Go Shopping,
that fucking asshole,"growls the madone joining
the oldman with tea and toast on the balcony.

"Yeah, sure, the guy has it all, but he inherits
the same mugs and thugs that supported stupid,
the same thieves corrupted by lobbyists from
who else...'The Corporapists', and now this band
of nitwits allows the 'King of Subprime Slime',
the originator back in Milken's era, to oversee
the damage he created as Good King Blackrock,
this is The Three Stooges in The White House,"
snorts the madone giving Fat Bill some toast.

A fool with money can always live on honey.

The wheasle finishes up the worst presidency
in history...with a recession, how fitting.
From Clinton's surplus to uncontrolled catastrophe
and Bill's wizard at the Treasury sits in the boardroom
at Goldie Socks, an unwelcome Democrat.
Imagine the fantasies come true under the cheerleaders'
ravings...more millionaires ( own a house), more
hundred millionaires and more billionaires,
McMansions with Escalades and Humvees and
that fancy bottled water "We don't drink."

"But we love the Market," ah yes, those little piggies
going to market, pigeyed hundred millionaires lusting
for the mud of HedgeHog profits and taxfree dollars,
the list of suckers moved into global gambling.

Uncle Sam was being picked clean, his insurance
was dropped to forget the funeral, his home foreclosed,
the family moved to a beach house in Dubai,
the old man forced homeless to wander the streets
looking for an honest man...the Tyrant in The White House
had alerted Homeland Security and Blackwater,
as well as Blackstone and Blackrock...
the dark days of the reign of George Insane.

Maybe Ron Paul is an honest man with the band of thieves.

A topic not discussed...derivatives, in particular, those others,
credit derivatives, "The single most traded market
in the world," begins Greenspan, "The CDS is probably the
most important instrument in finance by laying off all risk
of highly leveraged institutions...and that is what banks are."

"My oh my, and now it's all about oil."

Satya Jitdas is the global authority on the 'Special Purpose Vehicle'
that sounds like the repoman fixing the SIV and taking the SUV,
quite an interesting read that fixes the first synthetic CDO
with JPMorgan CD team creating a Xmas BISTRO in '97,
the world of synthetic securitization now transferred
credit risk rather than the loan, 'it' is all about insurance
and hedging the hog.

"Hey, this shit is exhausting and very confusing because its crooked,
settlements in the OTC derivatives market that has
no regulation, no transparency, that fake opaque again
that piggyeyes love squinting in HedgeHog greed,
oinking and farting in unison, Georgie's Animal Farm "
the skies clear and time for walk,a little exercise for the heart
and legs, away from the machine in the window.

An easterly breeze
in the florida keys.

In these Isles of Eternal Sun
above the Florida Horn.

Round About Midnight
and Miles Davis....

Eh, Bill B.


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