Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Sunday in Paradise

A New Season's Greetings from the Hill.
65/75 Blue Skies NE5/10 0706/1736 80%H.

Another season to live, ain't that grand...
the judge continues the home probation
for four see progress,
and of course compliance to standards.
Save Secure Sanitary Hark HARC.

Life contiues with the heart attack,
cats fed, floors swept, plants watered...
well water, fuck the rationing by Them.
Below in the galley an aroma of
homefries and back bacon lingering
with the cheese omelette while the Kid
glazes a few window panes for rent.

"The same old shit gets old," growls
the madone pissed with domestic drudge
that flames in arguement and truth
then watered with lies in reclaimed sludge.

"He's pussywhipped and suckfaced...
better with a rich old woman to care for
and live in comfort...the fellow is soft
in the head, always wants spoiling,"
hawking a snotball onto the sidewalk,
just another day in paradise,
classics from Havana, the movie on TV31,
On Golden Pond in the bedroom,
a magic pipe on the President's table,
Apache in the Chair.

Of course the floor was still tilted but...
the oldman had fancy computer chair
and drapery on the window to shade
the monitor for the Blogger.

Engineer Bill had raised the west sillbeam
"What...two fucking inches,
it'll fall over," laughed the alien
bringing morning treats.

"Sorry to hear of the theft, a weeks' budget,
likely your window paint, not good,"
leaving the matter in the past,
not forgotten nor forgived,
debt with curse of guilt.

A chilled Molson and a pack of Rothmans
on the balcony an hour before
sunday serving time Barrytime
and Terry in Barrietime.

Blue skies and beautiful,
a cool breeze
in the keys.

High above
the Florida Horn.

Have a Happy Happy Holiday.

Oldman Gunn.

Drink downstairs at Home.

Hi Yo Silver Away.

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