Saturday, December 29, 2007

VULTURE FUND to invest in Key West

Greetings from the Hill
75/85 SE5/10 Hazy 0709/1747 85%H

"JesusHFuckingChrist,"sighs the oldman,
all morning on Roubini and his comments,
those Airheads who don't have blogs
and incestuously interrelate.

Pissed off from yesterday and CNBC,
"Those longhaired small titted
talking white teeth goofy ho's,"
playing an Imas, "For the dirty old
jewish media owners beating off
to Plasma Screen fantasies...
Fuck you Redstone and Blackstone
and Blackrock."

Feeling better.

The wilted dicks cut the professor off.

"Turn the sound off and watch the actors."

The Conchtrain babbled by,
a hazy hot day with breezes from the Straits,
doves on the monkey bars hungry,
no catfood left...

The oldman was drinking again
in the afternoon,
no pot for the funny thought,
just old age rage.

"It's all bullshit, Norman,
Disneyworld at the Bank of America,"
complained Billy
on Golden Pond Too.

The big fish was subprime on the scale
that Fitch and Snitch regulated
for consumer protection,
against toxic cosumption.

"CDS's are insurance policies
with multiple policies on the same event,"
what the fuck does that mean,
perhaps the CDS's were sold by
synthetic CDO's and then purchased
by speculaters on leveraged margin.

"Who who," asked the blind owl
released at Fort Zacary Taylor.

"The correlation traders who work
for Goldie Socks running scared
for a beach house in Dubai before
the Democrats find a leader,"
grumbles Doctor Coy
trimming the oregano
and bringing food for the cats and birds.

"The investigaters will find under
this money manure pile,
'the black swan'...CPDOs,"
horror of horrors,
constant proportion debt obligation.

Capital letters were simple with the CIA.

Hazy skies and
a southern breeze
in the keys.

Above the Horn
slightly north of Cancer.

Don't bet on the Patriots.

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