Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

Greetings from the Hill
68/78 Blue skies NE5/10 0715/1743 60%H

The numbers are perfect but tourists' don't know,
no sense visiting for the weather...

The oldman was feeling better, he had eaten
a second plate of cuban christmas dinner,
blackbeans and rice, succulent roast pork,
yucca and plantain with a cuban roll.
The Kid arrived at the usual time with a joint.

"You know that something is not right,"
allowing an ear to listen, the pot to talk...

"Its all out there to filter through the lies
and learn to understand the law
and the judiciary that ignores the Book,"
sitting back in the swivelroller to gaze
at the thirsty Key Lime tree
protecting two neighbours rooves
across the street.

"The SIVs and CDOs are falling into a conduit
that has no name, some are calling it, 'it', for it,"
smiled the oldman at his funny way...
the back was aching and his shoulder
reinjured from the fall unattended,
the good eye would not focus
and both ears rang "Very Fucking High,"
he growled very, very thirsty,

"Fucking Angina, cancer, dizziness, weakness
for fucking starters on broken bones,
lefteyed and righthanded, try billiards,"
snorted the madone with the same pain,
making another day a treasure.

"Say listen, do you think you could walk,
the Paki's are three blocks closer...
how about a walkabout, see if
your'e gonna make it...
you know

"Hot fucking shit, not dead yet,"
sighs the oldman popping a pint
of the 'twice as strong' and...
"And reconnected to no one,"
sitting back sipping in the
afternoon sun,
enjoying life
with natural ice
in the subtropics.

Later alligator.

Don't dial a crocodile.

Yo Yo Mas.

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