Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blue Skies and Breezy

Greetings from the Hill
84/90 SE10/15 70%H 0645/1945

A labor of love on the weekend, the engineer
rebuilds the back sill beam between mixing
home made icecream...then grilling steaks,
a family visit at This Old House.

Hope Joe is well in Belize as another monster
approaches his retirement home disrupting
his other family again.

Strange things happening as the British leave
and Bush arrives to inspect his billiondollar
fortress built with slavelabour from Asia
by a Kuwaiti contractor subbed by Halliburton,
head offices in taxfree Dubai...Cheney the patriot.

How long this corporape will continue, how long
before the lifeblood and soul of a nation drained
by a government sucking itself off, the Weasle,
a mental masterbator grinning like an alligator.

"Take a break, oldman, there is nothing to be done,
the spirit is dead and hope as dark as empty
condos in Miami," growls the madone.
The oldman snapped a pint and took notebook
and pen to the balcony and feel the breeze
in the florida keys, these Isles of Eternal Sun.

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