Monday, September 10, 2007

Grey Skies and More Rain

Greetings from the Hill
79/88 NE10/15 90%H 0715/1940

A dark rainy morning in paradise, lush gardens
from a week of gods water, papayas sprouting,
banana trees growing, love vine creeping.

The time since the disaster and the takeover
of the little dictator seem but a surreal dream,
more a nightmare to the unelite....
"Go out and shop," urged the Wheasle
and McMansions were bought with three car
garages for Escalades, Humvees, the pickup
for the drug dealing kid, Mom in realestate.

Immigrants did drywall and gardening, looked
after the little ones, "Who else to trust," the
bloated nouveauriche of the middle class.

Hurricanes of 2005 still a forgotten repair to
the still homeless of New Orleans ignored
bridges collapsing, students left behind...
warmongers in Washington.

The american dream a Vulture Funds' scheme
"Hello, wake me up, is this for real
or just Real Estate."

No blue skies today.

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