Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On the Storms' Edge

Greetings from the Hill
79/88 E15/20 75%H 0714/1921

Another pleasant day in paradise, the rains
those overnight showers have brought the
lushness to gardens also swarms of the
biting pests about the oldmans' bare feet.

Two weeks since abandoning this quest for
answers to the impending implosion....
the world of waste soon without toilet paper,
a conspiracy that begins in public toilets
then spreads to McDonalds and Burgerking.

The collapse of Commercial Paper has yet
to happen as Ben the printer cranks out more
of the devalued dollar and the Looney level.
"Now that is not a good thing for Americas
largest exporter of oil and trucks, electricity
and water, lumber and gold to name a few...
and all those comedians," muses the madone.

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