Thursday, September 27, 2007

After the Fall of Love Vine

Greetings from the Hill

The engineer bringing a gallon of beer

to the oldman and the visitor

who didnt drink.

Apologies for Love Vine killed

pink flowers dying in the sun.

The cat Tiger through the front door,
Meow Mix on the floor
in antique plates
without mates.

The Tenting a disaster
by the Chaos Master.

The Secret Society of the Rothschild
clan pricing gold in London
for vulgarians of the world

The price of paradise
a platinum table top
green glass windows
and pinus elliotti densa
without paint.

Life for the faint
in these Isles of the Eternal Sun.

And the freindliest people
of the Florida Horn.

A Cracker without conch chowder,

a Mason with an electric

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