Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Election Day

Greetings from the Hill
82/88 E5/10 60%H 0720/1915

"And how many mayors and how many elections
have you seen rearrange the Rock," wondered
the madone to the oldman sipping a cold pint
each on the balcony, a blue sky breeze at noon.

The oldman mused and thought of the first..McCoy,
The Real McCoy on a hundred dollar bill....
'McCoy fills the Bill above the print, great job,
hard to reproduce on cotton, the color perfect as well.

Mad Jack, the T shirt King.

Captain Tony.....why not, if you care, if you dare..
an upset and a barefoot mayor.

He thought Heymen an odd name for a gay mayor.

Wardlow was Swifty's stooge.

Someone was missing during the drunk decade.

Weekley and the Pretty Sing giveaway,
developers welcome in or out of the closet,
paved streets, drains that dont work,
the laterals stopped neither stink nor infection
"But made the plumbers rich, eh bubba,"
smiled the madone.

Morgan, the loveable pastor but a mean bear,
todays the day for change for ten dollars a vote,
very cheap for a 10,000 dollar job, 80 hours a week
free drugs,food and booze...trips galore.

Two thousand votes maybe three thousand
apathy thy name is voter but democrats have
plurality and the Tampoites support the butcher,
but the hatchetman got the navyman.

Cats sleeping in chairs, classics from Havana,
a window breeze, a change in the keys...
"Not very fucking likely, money is the honey
of these beekeepers of zoning and moaning,"
growls the madone heading to the booth.

Another beautiful day in paradise,
these Isles of the Eternal Sun.

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