Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blue Skies and Beautiful

Greetings from the Hill
80/86 E10/20 60%H 0723/1904

Another lazy day on the balcony reading in the sun,
tea and toast with 'The Mango Opera',
more of Tom Corcorans' home town mysteries
a bit of lightness from Vidal's 'Hollywood'
and the intrigues of Washington and the movies.

Noontime at the machine and a roar at the door,
the multimillionaire from Greenwitch,
home of HedgeHogs and offshore sailors...
"Lets do lunch," laughing into the house.

A ride in the antique Mercedes to Geiger Point
stopping for catfood, beer and wholewheat bread.

"Isn't this beautiful," peaceful waters and mangroves,
grouper sandwiches and frenchfries, yinyang draft,
a visit to the past without tourists,
time to talk about PT's and the 'Big Fleet'.

"They don't remember, Mad Jack," soothed the friend,
looking at his watch and thinking ahead.

Dark blue waters with a ripple of whitecaps,
back to the Rock without the shock,
the oldman was happy drunk and
forgot the bread and catfood in the trunk.

Adventures for the oldfolks,
a blast from the past,
full jib on the mast.

Water and wind on USOne,
the breeze in the Keys
and 'The Eternal Sun'.

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