Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One of Those Days.

Greetings from the Hill.
80/88 ESE10/15 65%H 0729/1853

All this concern over doom is bloody depressing,
as if a voice never heard could change events.
"You like to see your words and those pictures
with clever captions, gossip and comixs," growls
the madone sipping leftover wine.

"Hello, hello, this is David M Walker...
and we're in shit."

Really..another financial report...
2006 Losses....450 billion dollars.
Liability .... 50 trillion dollars.
up 20 trillion since George Insane.

2,715,000 employees @ $67,000.

"Ohhhh those benefits..."

No one listens to the Controller General.

"Really, you silly old bugger, a downhill race
for a stuffed turkey trophy, no more Clinton
magic, that was immigrant and drug money,"
snorts the madone pretending, buttttt....
imagine.....Gimmeee some Truth....
and not an assasin.

Fuck it all, its Barrytime, blue skies and breezy,
a walk on the sunny side of the street,
off to Faustos for good cheer and beer.

An afternoon playing in the garden
imagining beautiful things
in These Ilse' of Eternal Sun
on the Florida Horn.

Adios Amigos.

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