Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Few more Notes

Greetings again from the Hill

Last friday morning a whistle in the dark, familiar..
that kind kids do playing in the woods, Ce Cile..
through thier teeth, the oldman wobbled downstairs
in the dark, a diesal engine rattled up the street.

Happy cats in the street light luminating 'Kit and Kaboodle'
and two whole wheat loaves on the porch. Before going north,
the man drove sixty miles out of his way
for an oldman and his cats.

"An eastern star," so bright gazing towards the airport,
moving to another bowl for Muggsie then Lightning,
a great constellation blue in a black sky above
"The Southern Cross, what a delightful morning,"
smiled the oldman happy to be alive.

Too much life wasted on other people's schemes
and not one's own nightime dreams.

Ruminating on a week with Gumbo Limbo, The Mango Opera,
Bone Island Mambo, Octopus Alibi, Air Dance Iguana...
great titles crappy covers considering the hero is as well,
a fine art photographer...Tom Corcoran is funny.

Going blind from the Internet and books again,
abandoning television but for FreeTV31,
plug it in and rerun Heaven and never forget
the classics from Havana 58AM.

But there is a world going funny led by a silly fellow.
Alfred E Newman from Mad Magazine...
"What . Me Worry."
and he sleeps with Laura.

Not much breeze
in the Keys.

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