Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Fruit Festival Parade

Greetings from the Hill.
80/88 E10 65%H 0730/1850

A very quiet morning after a ruckussless night.
The usual drunken assholes may have taken
other routes or the free transportation.

Grey skies and static from Havana, the studio
more organized, neat, clean and spacious...
"Absolutely, looking great, ready for the man,
the Greatone back from the past, one of
history's mystery's....", laughs the madone.

Routines that keep the homekeepers directed,
feeding cats, sweeping floors, watering plants,
cleaning dishes, washing windows, cooking meals.
"Then you get to write, read the Internet,and....
play the Blogist....then like all great artists....
get drunk and visit the dreamworld," offers
an alien observation.

The mornings internetting have been on the crisis,
like all under George Insane, covered with lies.
An amusing speech by Bernie Bullshit
to the Economic Club of NY, 10/15, wonderful
words of comfort to the agents and dealers....
they were of opposites in the old days.
Basicly all laws are circumvented by the Beige Book,
the twelve apostles of Central Bank deceit, much
the same as the Israelie does at Homeland...walls.

Could there be something simple behind this dilemma,
gangsters in suits fronting for the true enemy,
able to avoid prosecution because of deep moles
in invisible holes within the IRS, the SEC, the Congress,
Hedge Funds from offshore, a tsunami at the door,
the dollar and treasury notes sinking as well....
"But Georgie, you could not have done this alone,
did Jeb put you up to this, bad enough what he did
to Florida, but son, youv'e ruined the country,"
sighed a weary mother her hair turned red as well.

"Well, yes it could be a conspiracy, a marxistcapitalist
union of exKGB and other athiests who do not embrace
The Rapture, thats what Uncle Dick said."

"You must find love, son, the voters will forgive and forget,"
weary of George's crooked children.

Put the dumbest son of a yellow flier in the White House
and a populous of obeise minddead greedy gobblers
consuming until hospitalised, pigfarming outsourced
by a billion little yellow people visiting soon...
"Smile when you flip those burgers."

A cooling breeze
in the florida keys
on the Florida Horn.


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