Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blue skies in Paradise

Greetings from the Hill
82/88 SE5/10 75%H 0725/1855

"My heavens, but the economy has yet to collapse,
maybe the madman in the WhiteHouse is waiting
for Xmas to cross out his list," grumbles the oldman,
tea and toast with the machine, classics from Havana,
soon a treasonable offence.

"The dysfunctional state of american politics does not
give me great confidence in the short run.....
but how about one percent..," Alan Ginsberg '87/'06.

"The job of the Federal Reserve is to take away the
punchbowl just when the party gets interesting...,"
William McChesney Martin '51/'70

"Well now Georgie Boy, this is one awful mess....
you couldn't have done this alone, someone must
have put ideas in your mind," murmurs Mom.

Must have been those Conduit makers for the SIV's,
maybe the rebundlers of CDO's and bad bankers.
Those unregulated offshore Hedge Funds orrrr...
Uncle Dick's company now in Dubai...
"Gee whiz, the dollar's got a slow leak as well,"
wonders Ralph Nader not wanting the job.

Of course one must trust the numbers like ratings,
advertising for realestate, pictures in paradise,
come one come all....a new fall rate,
"Affordable Housing in Foreclosures," mocks the madone
a new adventure for Vulture Funds..the key to a door.

And the Madness is just beginning...look at the prices,
catfood, milk and orange juice...bread,beer and bananas
mad cow, diseased chicken, poisoned pork,
floods in California, "Homeland Security at work,
no hurricane relief to fuckup, Georgies' jewspy at the helm
of the USS FUCKUP.

Of course there is no inflation
and houses cant fly
unless a big wind
from Wall Street.

Where life is a breeze
in the florida keys
these Isles of Eternal Sun.

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