Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still on the Edge

Greetings again, the machine cut me off.

Writing about Canadians, they are the only
nation to have remained in the big league
of foreigners since the Depression....
1930 Italy Germany England Canada Poland
Russia. 1960 Italy Germany Canada Poland
Russia England. 1980 Mexico Germany Canada
Italy England Cuba. 2000 Mexico China
Philipines India Cuba Canada......of course,
eight million out numbered all others.

The trend is to learn and earn big in global
companies, look at the names at Google
a lot of brilliant Indian mathematicians
in Silly Valley and Big Fall Street....
and those pesky canadians with their Snagtooth.
The Italians earn and go back home
to grow gardens for wine and families and food.
The Americans keep going to the bank
to pay for at home delivery of vitamin enfanced.

Acomfortable chair with a view of the blue
and feel of the breeze in the Keys
These Isles of Eternal Sun
from Mogmat to Key West.

The oldman was watching Color Purple
in the newly designed balcony bedroom,
the Library was empty cats sleeping in
the noonday noise of the workers leaving
for lunch...

It has seemed to be one those mystery days
of watching with a sober eye
enhanced by an earlylunchsmoke
will see to the sea.

The storm was twirling in his ears
as the sound came through the door.

the classics from Havana stopped
without power.

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