Tuesday, August 28, 2007

After the Theft in Key West

Greetings from the Hill

82/88 E10/20 0700/1950 75

Some lowlife stole the oldman's cards

and left the bankers light on,

and leaving pictures of Dad and long

expired identity, a life exposed

" Fuck no...not for a worthless passport

to only never leave the driveway." Or

in downtown Havana with three floors

which way to live on the sunny side or
in the shadows of the other kind.

Home invasion changes the illusion of
trust in the dark of the night no fright
but now the defence a cement fence
and electric wires cameras bright
to observe to reserve to preserve
the intruder in sight.

Things will never be the same
in These Isles of the
Eternal Sun.

"Hit that right tab little landing spots

for snoopets and snoopers thosr


hich way too live..

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