Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blue Skies and Beautiful

Greetings from the Hill
84/92 E10/20 60%H 0703/1958

Another day in paradise and yet
to leave the house, no watering
with more showers overnight,
cats fed, floors swept, dishes done.

"Yes, yes, get the chores completed
before the investigation, the CFO
of the Truth Report, currently
inspecting the Department of Treasury
and its 1.519.842.980.048.19 dollar
budget, yep, one and a half trillion,"
laughs the madone at the oldman
and his fantasies of trust.

Start with 'The Centre for Public Integrity'
the list of Corporapists, thugs in suits,
all connected as consultants in reward
for Daddy's War, now Sonny's Scourge.

"No fucking wonder Joe Bageant leaves,
the smirk runs the jerk...cheat, steal and
lie with a coyote eye and the religious
retards have flags in thier yards,"
growls the madone sick of slime.

The afternoon opera from Havana,
the television sputtering on the Weather
Channel, cats sleeping on the table,
open windows breeze height....
fuck the truth and believing.

"This guy is leaving for Faustos
to support the next mayor."

Ah, these Emerald Isles with
blue sky days that promote
those drinking ways.

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