Tuesday, August 7, 2007

General Accounting

Greetings from the Hill
82/92 N/5 70%H 658/807

Another normal day in paradise
cats fed, steps swept, floors hosed.

Garden irrigated, dishes done,
hash browns cooking,
sausage simmering.

Back to the morning watch...
GAO David Walker
the Director of Intelligence
imagine that under Bush.

Locally the community is
Tampoaites retrenching
against the Shit its.

The Cashturds of older
and the foriegn operators..

from retiredCEO's
to illegal garden ho's,
Ha Imas ha.

'Pick up the slack...Jack

Pictures on a Tshirt

Ten US dollars

Think about it.

And dont sneeze
in the breeze
from the east
in the keys

'These Emerald Isles
of The Eternal Sun"
mocks the madone.

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