Friday, August 10, 2007

Blue Skies and Beautiful

Greetings from the Hill
85/92 E5/10 60%H 0700/2003

Almost time to turn on an A/C....
the oldman was beginning to wilt
with the august 'dogdays',
a morning studying fraud.

American style, con a sucker,
convince an investor to own
a piece of paper, dumb fucker
or a house to loan.

"This is much too complicated,"
groans the madone sifting through
hedge funds and derivatives,
CDO's in not so transparent bundles,
the Three Headed Dog at the Bear's door
all leverage from the Floor.

"This dilemma is an analemma,
summer and fall, short long and
tall, put and call, a cellphone away
from a billion a day," snorts the
oldman silly and sober.

The Yaley, Robert Shiller, Macromarkets,
has a short and long con.....
a futures market in derivatives,
"You bet the House."

Crazier than Joe Cunts' dog.

As usual, the last get passed by
on the road of the greedy horde,
lonely at the top of the market
and the catch of the day
smells of last week.

Just getting by in "These Isles of
The Eternal Sun."

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