Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blue Skies and Hurricane Worries

Greetings from the Hill
85/92 S/5 60%H 656/810

Life back to normal, cats fed
and counted, the house next
door tented....floors swept,
plants watered, cleaning the
windows....three hundred and
ninety six original panes of
green glass and pain in the ass.

Not really, just ryhming...

Watching the morning rerun of
our leaders in action....sensible
citizen input on Key West waste
was ignored as 8 Million Dollars
was approved for a trash station.

A lovely internal auditor in white,
an angel to untangle the naughty
web of Julio, kiss ass commisioners
angling for avenues of escape.

Doctor Garbage himself confessing
of the failures and problems of waste
to energy and mulching nasty plants

" My yes, those exotic invaders, aliens
from another country, not Puritan
Petunias ", grumbles the madone
out of jail and exonerated with a letter
of commendations for efforts next door.

The lady drops the bombshell..." the Rogo
Report ", the leaders waffle and point to
lawyer Slick Smith , a problem that no
one would answer to, let alone define,
the stinky trail of Pretty Sing and his
crooked criminal consultant.....Blah blah
fucking blah.

"Clean the windows oldman and check out
the storm shutters", instructs the voice
of Law and Order.

The oldman took his notebook and pen
to the balcony to begin, a cold pint

A bit of a breeze
in the florida keys

The Isles of Eternal Sun.

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