Thursday, August 16, 2007

When failure is not an Option

Greetings from the Hill

85/92 E10/15 0700/2000

Afternoon rainstorms, a warning

of Erin storming from Africa.

Time to fix the shutters and

install the gutters...

last year was Ernesto and

evacuation not according to

Judge Overbee, said he.

Another year and a balcony

safe and secure.

The crimes of high office

a privatized force of course

the largest of mankind

sponsored by the new bourse.

Privatized politicians consulting

the course of democracy

for the corporapists and those

of the White House idiocy.

The Seal with zeal and obsessions

to realize a cowards fantasy,

Blackwater as murkey as

Americas president turkey.

"Fucking assholes those 565

brains on Viagra and minds

bribed by money in Dubai ".

scorns the madone.

A rainstorm in paradise without

rainbarrels to save the water,

wasting down the streets

into a dying bay

while voices have no say.

The oldman was reading Millers'

last biography in bed

above the oblivious and ignorant

saving secrets in his head.

Imagining for a better world

in "These Isles Eternal Sun

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