Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blue Skies and an Easterly Breeze

Greetings from the Hill
82/92 E10/20 70%H 655/808

A gorgeous day on the hill, warm
and breezy, the morning reading
Chalmers Johnson and the expansion
of military imperialism, the vangaurd
for American Fastfood and Slowshit.

News from the indianlady in Delaware,
crooked corporations and chickens,
rivers now being sanitized, water
revitalized, fish to eat.....

The same shit that pollutes the reef,
KFC and Chicken Macs....
no facts just slime tracks.

"Where did the minds go and when,
has money become Zen."
sighs the oldman petting Tiger.

So weary and dreary this culture,
this lack of culture....counters of
small change and no cash,
makers of Trash.

Time to water the gardens and
enjoy the classics from Havana,
trim the coconuts and porkfat,
warm the rice and beans.

Another blessing in These Isles
of The Eternal Sun.

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