Friday, August 17, 2007

Blue skies and Beautiful

Greetings from the Hill
82/92 E5/10 0700/1959 70%H

Downstairs and domestics,
cats contented, floors swept,
windows cleaned, chicken soup
simmering with carrots, pasta
potatoes and spices.....

Watching Dean not Erin,
the first worry on the Hill.

A morning with Richard Cook,
and US monetary reform,
a necessary reading to
comprehend the Worm
in the White House.

"Clearing Houses are cleaning
houses for the indentured,
money but a number,
an electronic pixel,"
growls the madone.

Payday for the pirates,
fridays' lies for the tenants.

Another weekend in paradise
with no catfood or cash
for the busride.

Blue skies in paradise
and bullshit in the bank.

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